Hi! I'm Duncan Geere from Klimat Studio, an information design agency interested in climate and the environment.

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I help people communicate complex, nuanced information to a wider audience through clear writing, careful editing, and beautiful data visualization.

You need an information designer if...

  • You want to cut through academic jargon to reach a wider audience
  • You want to gain trust with a beautiful, accurate representation of data
  • You want to find and tell the stories within a mountain of information
  • You want to impress with a compelling, high-impact infographic

In short, I help you go...


  • Jargon-filled reports
  • Huge spreadsheets of numbers
  • Confused, bored stakeholders


  • Powerful storytelling
  • Beautiful data visualization
  • Motivated, empowered audiences

Why collaborate with me?

  • Specialist in climate and environmental issues, with a strong scientific background. I have an MSc in Environmental Science and a BSc in Meteorology.
  • Great designer and writer. More than a decade of experience working with organisations like WIRED UK, Information is Beautiful, Conservation International, the Health Foundation, Possible, Project Drawdown, Nesta, the Gates Foundation, and BBC Wildlife magazine.
  • My first language is English, and I also speak conversational Swedish. I love working across cultures.
  • Happy working with big or small data, in spreadsheets, databases and APIs. Comfortable in Google Sheets, Excel, Python, Javascript, Ruby, and Lua.
  • Fast learner. If your team uses a tool, language or system that I've not tried before, I'll pick it up quickly.
  • Deep, intuitive understanding of how to reach and engage people on the web. I’ve built and participated in online communities for more than two decades.
  • Responsive, communicative and ethical. Quick email responder. Committed to very high professional standards and values. All business operations are carbon-neutral.

Working with Duncan is an absolute pleasure. He's thoughtful, creative, organized, and truly collaborative. Duncan translated a big, complex set of data into a family of visualizations for The Drawdown Review. It's no surprise they became very popular, so we've made them available to the public as key climate communication tools. I'd jump at the chance to work with him again.

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Editor-in-Chief, The Drawdown Review

Duncan is extremely easy to work with, and handled our project with the utmost professionalism, organisation and clarity, whilst also being creative and good-humoured throughout. I was particularly impressed by his attention to detail, his grasp of the storytelling and narrative, and the ease and care with which he teased out the key elements of these to build a series of infographics that were not just brilliantly representative, but engaging, accessible and clear. We hope to continue working with him for many future projects and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ellie Mackay

CEO & Founder, Ellipsis Earth

We've benefited from Duncan's excellent copywriting and editing skills on a range of projects at Nesta. His editing work has brought consistency and clarity to website features, including our high-performing Predictions series, and he has done a wonderful job writing copy to share our impact and learnings in our annual report. He is a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him highly. I hope we get to do more projects together.

Georgina Roberts

Head of Digital, Nesta

Duncan is genuinely a unique talent: a brilliant science writer and editor with deep subject knowledge, an outstanding designer of information, and a fantastic ideas person who just wants to solve problems. I have worked with Duncan for several years now and every time he brings so much value.

Owen Gaffney

Director of International Media & Strategy, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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